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Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Make up Organisation: Z Palette

Not only am I a make up lover but I'm also very OCD with my organising and cleaning. I can't bear a messy make up table and having random bit and pieces all over the place. About a year ago I read about the Z Palette and decided to grab one to help me further organise and contain my ever expanding make up collection.  
It's been one of my make up table essentials ever since I got it as it makes storing make up so simple. 

What is a Z Palette?
For those of you who don't know a Z Palette is basically an empty make up palette with a magnetised base. This means you can you put in any make up (eyeshadows etc that is in a metal pan) from any brand into the palette and it will not move around and stay where you left it! I love that if you do have any make up that isn't in a metal pan you can still include them as each Z Palette comes with magnet stickers - awesome!

What is a Z Palette made of?
The Z Palette is made of very sturdy cardboard and has a clear plastic window in the top so you can see your beautiful make up inside. What I really like about it is that it stays closed and is really easily stored away on my make up table but also brilliant to take travelling. I would say the only downside is that I don't think it would be very water resistant so I keep it away from any liquid make up or drinks I have around just in case. I don't keep my make up in the bathroom but my friend does so I wouldn't recommend someone who does that get this palette as I suspect the steam and heat of the bathroom would ruin it... 

Here is my palette with almost nothing in it - it's well loved as you can tell. I couldn't get my white highlight colour out so there she will live! 

How I fill my Z Palette...
When I first got the Z Palette I de-potted all the contouring make up items that I used regularly and put them onto a tin tray lid I have. I put all kinds of things on this lid as it minimises mess and is easily cleaned (OCD I know.) This allows me to see what I have and do a temp layout before putting it into the palette. *TIP* If you don't have anything like a tin tray just grab a plate or large magazine to lay your make up on top of.

It normally takes me a couple of arrangements to get placements I not only like but is very usable. 

I try to make sure everything flows together so I have started on the left with all my deep contour colours then through to blushes and then ending with the bright highlight colour. By doing this it allows me to use the palette with ease but also keep colours separate and clean.

A slight annoyance is that my baked MAC blush is domed so doesn't allow the palette to shut properly. This is just because the palette isn't deep enough but from what I've seen they have bought out new versions of this palette that accommodate these blushes so I may have to snap one up!

So here's my final arrangement for you to see. I'm contemplating adding the MUA blush you see in the picture but will wait and see how I feel as I have recently seen the MAC palettes that are peaking my interest that all my blushes may end up in. 

If you are looking for new makeup storage I would highly recommend the Z Palette. I think they are perfect for travel and for anyone with a growing makeup collection. I am looking now into snapping up some more palettes and have a larger palette collection so watch this space! 

*This is NOT a sponsored post - all opinions are my own*


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