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Monday, 12 May 2014

How I Deep Clean my Makeup Brushes

Am I weird in the fact that I LOVE cleaning my makeup brushes?!? 

I've read lots of 'How-Tos' recently where everyone moans about it and finds it far too tedious so maybe I've just realised a little OCD about cleanliness.....??

I have a major hate of blemishes so the idea of anyone using brushes they haven't cleaned and spreading nasty bacteria across their faces makes me feel rather queezy. 

Right, without sounding preachy or weird let me explain to you what you are putting on your face when you use a brush you have never/rarely clean.....

Every time you use a makeup brush (let's say that amazing foundation brush you can't live without) you not only cover your skin in beautiful colour but you also pick up bacteria that lives on your skin and it takes a holiday on your brush. That bacteria then lives there until the next time you use that brush and you just end up with nasty bacteria everywhere, spreading it's vileness all over. It's a unseen circle of nastiness that can do all sorts to your skin and to my horror ACNE!!!!!

What I think they look like!

I'm a bit lazy so have multiple brushes so that when one becomes very dirty I can move onto another and then deep clean them all at once. I do spot clean them but that nasty bacteria still lives!!!!

Anyway, I thought since it's that time again I would share with you how I clean my brushes...

What you will need:

- An old towel
- An old glass 
- Your brushes
- Cleaning solution

I use a serious cleaning product called Metasolv 4021 but you can use something like a shampoo if your a bit wary of chemicals or haven't done this before :)

The How To Part:

1) Grab all the brushes you want to clean. 

2) Roll up a towel but leave the end loose (this is so the brushes can stand up un-aided.)

3) Grab the old glass and put in some of the cleaning solution in it. NEVER use this glass again for drinking out of....

4) Swirl you brush around in the solution or leave your brush to stand if it's mega dirty for a couple of seconds.  

5) Once happy that the brush is clean take it over to the sink and rinse off any excess colour and solution. Be careful not to have the water too hot as it can melt the glue that holds the brush to the stem/handle.

* You may need to do this a couple of times with a foundation brush to make sure those layers of grime and colour are gone! 

6) Once happy and clean stand your brushes up on the pre-rolled towel to allow them to dry. The reason why I stand them up is to make sure the water runs downwards and not into the glue but also to make sure the brushes hold a lovely shape while they dry. 

Then just wait for them to dry and admire your lovely hygienically clean brushes!

I hope you find this helpful :)

*Be nice to the environment - please don't waste water whilst doing this*


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