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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Glamour Queen Nails

Today I decided to get myself a belated birthday treat and get my nails done so hopped on down to Mint Nail and Beauty in Birmingham City Centre.

I always have a ready-to-go manicure with a gel colour as I love having not only a beautiful colour that lasts but also one that helps strengthen my nails and keep them from breaking.

Here they are after some initial care and attention from the lovely Christina (excuse the one shorter nail, I broke it in the morning!):

I always have a rounded edge to my nails as I think it's a bit more elegant and suits my hands. I used to have acrylics on my nails when I was younger with a very sharp square shape so now try to avoid that at all costs!

The gel that is used is built up in layers and you place your hand in UV light to set each layer on the nail making them chip resistant and gorgeously shiny. It's a process that takes about half an hour and can last up to four weeks.

For my nails I chose the colour 'Glamour Queen' with is a soft pearly pink. I think is really elegant and won't be offensive to any future employer in any upcoming interviews I may get - this is something I have to consider now :(

Here's the finished look: 

Then on to my toe nails! I chose the colour 'Shake It Till You Samba' which is bright pink and vivid. I was looking for something that would offset my tattoo but also grab attention and just be generally fun!

I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way but I am about funny about people touching my feet (weird I know considering my foot tattoo) so I don't get my toe nails done as much as I probably would like to. I'm very glad this experience is only half an hour but I had some good company to distract me.

Here's the finished articles:

I love both colours and feel very relaxed. I would recommend Gelish nails to anyone looking for long term, beautiful nail colours also if you are in Birmingham get down to Mint and let the lovely ladies in there hook you up!

 Have a great day!

* This is not a sponsored post - all opinions are my own *


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