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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Freakshow - my new favourite thing

During this unusual period of my life I have been watching alot of films and tv shows whilst I'm writing and researching. One recently caught my attention and I have been hooked ever since! 

It's called 'Freakshow' and I become obsessed! It follows the family who own and work at the famous Venice Beach Freak Show and touches on it's history and all the fabulously talented people who go on show there.

My favourite person on the show is Asia who is the bosses daughter and can do a variety things from fire swallowing, being the electric lady and sword swallowing. I find sword swallowers fascinating and I really love her passion for it and that she was the youngest female sword swallower in the world!

Another character I adore is Morgue. He's a shock artist and really pushes himself to the extreme plus he's a hottie!

The main theme of the show is about accepting being different and pushing yourself and your body to it's extreme. I like learning about each of the people on the show and what they can do and I really support their message of 'say no to normal.' I really think these people should speak to the younger society and express that being not only different to the 'norm' but also being yourself is amazing and rewarding. 


This has just made me even more excited for AHS Freakshow coming in October as I'm hoping it's a creepy and freaky as I imagine! 


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