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Friday, 23 May 2014

Flushed Rose Nails

When I can afford to, I go and have my nails done with a gel overlay as a little treat. The last time I went I picked the gel 'Glamour Queen' colour (read about it here) and I've had it on now for just under three weeks and fancy a change without removing the actual gel. I originally painted over them in a bright blue for a couple of days and have got bored so now it's time to change them again! I thought I would show you how I do mine and make them last for weeks!

First things first I grab everything I need. I have a really bad habit of forgetting something or trying to do something in that precious drying time and ruining the hard work so have learnt to be prepared up front.

What I use:

1. O.P.I Start to Finish (£13.25) - I have written about this wonder product before- click here to read..

2. Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in 'Flushed Rose' (£5.99) 

3. Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (£6.49)

4. Revlon Liquid Quick Dry (£6.49)

+ Pads or cotton wool 
+ Nail Polish Remover (any you have)

I then find a place where I am comfortable and set up my IPad as I LOVE to watch YouTube videos while I do my nails. It was Beauty Crush this time around - ADORE her :)

It usually takes me about ten minutes and 2-3 cotton pads doused in remover to get every little speck of colour off especially when it's as pigmented at this blue was.

After making sure every bit of the old colour is gone I then go and wash my hands. I hate having the nail polish remover on my skin and I like the idea of starting fresh and clean!

After drying my hands I then begin on the fun stuff. I initially put a coat of the O.P.I Start to finish on each nail (see 1. below) and leave to completely dry. This builds up the nail level and usually takes seconds which is why I use this polish every time I do my nails. 

Then onto the colour! (see 2.) The image above shows the colour with one coat and it took me another two coats to really build a vibrant shade I liked. 

I chose Flushed Rose as I wanted colour that was very warm and in the red / orange range. It also has very tiny specks of glitter with really catch the light and enhance the vibrancy of the colour which immediately caught my attention on the shops shelf.

To seal in the colour I put on top another coat of O.P.I Start to Finish and an extra coat of Quick Dry Top Coat by Revlon. I discovered this product about a year ago and never do my nails without it as it cuts the drying time down to about three minutes!

If I'm in a mega rush I pop on some Liquid Quick Dry to create an extra seal and off I go.

Finally (and when I remember) to add some much needed nourishment to my nails and cuticles I put on some Solar Oil. I occasionally do this before bed as well when I feel my nails need some extra TLC. 

Here are the finished fingernails! I really love this fun, flirty colour and how it glistens in the light :)


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