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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Floral Fancies: Top 5 Perfumes

My top 5 pretty, feminine floral scents to suit every occasion.

Floral notes are some of the most popular in the perfume world as they can be worn for any occasion and built up from the soft, fresh notes all the way down to the deeper more sumptuous scents. Some on the market can overpower or end up reminding you of your grandmother so here’s five of the best and brightest to add to your collection and see in the new season smelling beautifully. 

Diorissimo by Dior (100ml £78.50) is a classic perfume that leans towards the more clean and fresh side of the floral scents. It’s more a spring morning scent rather than field of flowers. Created in the 1950s this formula is one of the oldest continuing lines for Dior with top notes of lily-of-the-valley and ylang ylang combined with amaryllis and jasmine. It’s heritage and elegance is not only reflected in the elegant scent but in the bottle making it a beautiful addition to any bathroom or makeup table.

A true great of the floral perfumes is Stella by Stella McCartney (100ml £69). This stunning perfume is pure luxury and has the beautiful blend of mandarin, amber, peony and rose. Its greatness lies in its sophistication and in the intensely delicate scent that lingers with you all day long. It’s a definite showstopper all year round as that base amber note really intensifies when layered and becomes a very sensual evening scent.

Flower by Kenzo (100ml £75) gives you exactly what it says on the bottle. It’s a pure floral scent from start to finish and is more immediately intense on the nose than others in this list. With top notes of Bulgarian rose, wild hawthorn and palma violets blended with heady white musk this perfume offering is 100% flirty and can be worn through spring and summer with ease.
Be careful not to apply too much with this one as less really is more!

Any perfume lover will recognise this iconic perfume bottle top. Daisy by Marc Jacobs (100ml £63) is a big hitter in the commercial perfume market due to its fun appearance and its pretty, feminine scent. Combining gardenia, violet and jasmine with a splash of strawberry and vanilla this is a really playful perfume that will remind you of days out in beautiful weather. It’s immensely light and girly which makes it a perfect daytime perfume throughout spring and summer and a perfect gift for anyone looking for a fool proof present.

Marni Rose by Marni (100ml £85) is the newest contender in the floral fragrance market and this list. It’s only the second scent released from the brand and is more spicy and dark than its earlier counterpart. It’s definitely an evening scent feeling both hot and cool in one vibrant sensual hit.
This is an unusual combination of blackcurrant, bitter almond, raspberry, nanah mint, Bulgarian rose, white musk, vanilla and cedar amongst others. It’s a tour de force of a perfume and demands attention to the wearer making it the perfect date night bouquet.

If you aren’t a fan of floral scents try something on the more unusual side like Molecule 01 by ESCENTRIC MOLECULES (100ml £65.50). It consists of only one single ingredient called Iso E Super that has a subtle woodland scent that blends and enhances your own natural aroma. It’s the ultimate bespoke fragrance that even if you can’t smell it on yourself you will definitely get compliments throughout the day from others.

I want to say a big thank you to Edge Magazine who published this piece in their May issue :) 

*Prices correct at time of writing


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