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Sunday, 18 May 2014

First Fashion Post: New Shoes!

I've never done a fashiony post before so thought I'd start easy with new shoes :)

If you've read any of my early blog posts or even read the title you will have noticed I like the letter B and everything associated with it. When I was looking for some new flat work shoes on ASOS recently I came across ones with Bees on (you see what I mean, I'm odd) and had to have them! 

They arrived in a rather grand box of other delights and I was really hoping they would be as good in reality as they looked on the website..... 

So I bought the first pair in classic black that has a large gold bee on the with deep black stripes. They are by ALDO and come in at a pricey £45..... yes I know I'm naughty!!! I don't usually go for a pointed flat but the bee detail blinded me to it and I couldn't resist clicking 'add to bag'.

I'm also usually very wary of any shoes with a soft touch feel to them as I wear flats to death so I think I will grab one of those spray treatments for shoes that make them water resistant - fingers crossed it will make them last longer!

I think I fell in love with them before I even opened the box *swoon*

I never normally buy brightly coloured shoes but when I saw the bee flats in bright cobalt blue I knew I had to try them. I think that the part of the female brain that is inherently wired to make your heart beat faster at the sight of beautiful shoes and to buy them kicked in!

Honestly I'm still a little unsure on them in the blue for one reason - what do I pair them with?!? Oh who cares they are too beautiful!!

Here's a close up of the bee details I fell in love with :)

So I bought shoes I would never normally buy in colours and style I usually avoid.... turns out it's nice for change?

What do you guys think of them?

An extra gift:
Just randomly ASOS sent me a free gift sample (I'm guessing I sent over a certain amount?) of Liz Earle Clean and Polish with a muslin cloth in a cute little box. It's actually quite a large size for a sample and I was really quite pleased as I've been looking for skincare products in travel sizes to take away with me on an upcoming break. Thanks you ASOS!!

Overall I'm really pleased with me purchases and can't wait to style them up for work and play - nothing beats a good pair of shoes!


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