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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Finding the Perfect Camera

I am on the hunt for a new camera and have literally been researching the many camera variations now for about a month. I used to have an old Nikon point and shoot years ago and used DSLR cameras during my uni years but since I had my first iPhone I never bothered with a traditional camera. 

Now, don't get me wrong I have really loved using my iPhone to take quick photos and I will continue to do so when I am out and about but I really want to widen my skill set and see what I can do. 

From my research I found that there are 4 main types of camera:

Point and Shoot: This is the very basic traditional camera. We have all had them and are great for basic photography on holidays and days out. 

Advanced Compact Cameras: These are the step up from the basic point and shoot cameras and offer you more control of your images. They are easier to get to grips with and are almost the gateway drug camera onto the bigger and more professional DSLR.

Bridge Cameras: This type of camera is the in between camera of the compact range to the DSLR range. It's a very small step below the DSLR and from my research I would just skip this step. 

DSLR Cameras: This is the range of ultimate style cameras. You can pretty much do anything with these as they allow you to control all elements of any image or video you shoot. From using them at uni I know once you have mastered them they are easy to use but they are definitely a learning curve and take patience and drive.

I found these links particularly helpful if you want the more technical specs:
Trusted reviews
Amateur photographer
I did reach out to the blogging universe on Twitter and got some really helpful tip and tricks about choosing a camera type which is the most difficult part of this I think. I figured you have to weigh up what you want the camera to do now but also since it is an investment, what you will want it to do in future. 
So I really thought long and hard about what I need my camera to do and what it will be for...

I really want a camera that can give really great quality images for both my blog and family photos but also offer the scope for me to get really creative and develop my photography skills. I also want it to be able to capture really slick video - I have no aspirations to do anything like YouTube but I was convinced by fellow bloggers that I should get a camera with this in case I change my mind.

So here's my decision process so far:
I don't think at the moment I have the patience for a DSLR and can't really afford it if I'm honest so ruled that out straight away. 

I then looked into the bridge camera and from what I have read these are very hit and miss with quality and range of functions so that one got crossed off the list.

I know that I don't want another basic point and shoot camera so that leaves me with the Advanced Compact Cameras to delve into.

I am currently at the point where I have a list of 5 of the top cameras in this range and am doing some comparisons and YouTube research before making a concrete decision. I am also going to try and find a store that houses them all so I can see the physical dimensions and weight in person. 

Fingers crossed I will decide soon! I'll update this blog hopefully when I find the best one I can :)


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