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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Another Boots Mini Haul

Like most women in the UK I have a Boots card and Boots addiction. I can't walk into any Boots without buying anything from skincare to makeup to general items and I love seeing all the new bits they get in so regularly.

I popped in this morning on my way home from the gym telling myself that I 'only needed to replace my dry shampoo' and as you will see that mantra did not work for me. 

So the first thing I grabbed was the one thing I actually needed and went in for - Dry Shampoo. For as long as I can remember I have used the Batiste Dry Shampoo Original to spray onto my hair to control any oil on my day three hair. Recently I have noticed a white cast in the bright sunshine even when really rubbed into my hair so I decided to see what other dry shampoos were in the range. I chose the 'Medium and Brunette' (£3.99) in hopes that it will eliminate this cast so fingers crossed it works!

As I go to walk out of course I walk by the L'Oreal stand and am drawn to the eyeliner. I'm an eye liner obsessive so since I hadn't seen the Super Liner GelMatic (£5.99) before I was overtaken by the desire to buy. 

Of course I couldn't be at this stand and not buy my current eyeliner staple - 'Super Liner Perfect Slim.' I won't ramble on about it but if you want to read my thoughts on it you can here.

The final purchase was VERY random for me. I have seen it so many times on the shelves and thought I would give it a shot - It's the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation (£15.50). Sadly there were no sample colours (tut tut tut Boots) so I'm hoping I have the right one as otherwise this is a costly mistake. Recently my skin has not been playing ball at all so I have hopes that this will be able to mask my blemishes.....

So that's all! Considering I went in wanting one thing I think I did well at restraining myself from grabbing more. 
Have a great day!


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