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Friday, 9 May 2014

Am I a True Taurean?

This is a bit of a random post but I thought I'd share...

I have always been fascinated by horoscopes and even though over the years people have lectured me on how silly they are and how I shouldn't read them I always do. I don't see the harm in it and I only ever take the good from it and not the sometimes negative bits that crop up. 

As you may have seen in a recent post it was my birthday on this recent Cinco de Mayo. This simple fact makes me a Taurean so I decided to look into what that actually means...
So if like me you are a Taurus and fancy delving into it more check out the below and see how it relates to me and maybe even you!

The ruling planet:

The Taurus ruling planet is Venus and is linked to the Roman goddess Venus which according to all I have read she never denied herself anything. She was the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure which according to most Taurean horoscope definitions means that I love all things pretty and opulent. This can come across as a love of materialism and excess but I think it just means we don't like living without beauty.
I think beauty to me is having a happy life including love and a relaxing home life so I guess this is one of those interpretive aspects of horoscopes but I will admit I do love buying beautiful things!

Our mascot/animal is the bull:

Most pieces I have read state that all Taureans are stubborn and hard headed so I guess that's why they picked a bull to represent us. I like the interpretation that the bull means we are reliable, loyal, stead fast and will work tirelessly to follow through on our promises :) 

Our element is the Earth:

From what I have read this means we crave stability and harmony within our home lives. This tends to mean we are patient and calm which I have to be honest I am not all the time!
Overall I guess you take from horoscopes what you want to. I know they are written so that you will recognise elements of your personality in them but I like to think I am a true Taurian in most respects - the good and the bad.

What's your sign?


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