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Friday, 2 May 2014

A girl with very tired feet :)

On Wednesday I decided to cheer myself up and go and visit my very lovely matey in London. Being an amazing air hostess it's hard to pin her down to see her so when she mentioned she was free and with me being unemployed I thought it was perfect timing for a visit!

So that morning off on a lovely Virgin train I hopped and screeched into London Euston at 11am....then a jam packed day of fun things began!

We started off at the British Library where we wandered past the amazing glass display of what looked to be amazingly old books and through the galleys of thousands of books and sculptures. I loved the atmosphere and all the people studying hard around were soo inspiringly dedicated that it really felt like a place of pure knowledge. The outside of the library was also beautiful with a giant statue and the typography topped entrance and I'm sure is an amazing place to sit and read in the sunshine.

From the library we wandered through the sunlit streets to St Pancras & Kings Cross. The architecture in these stations is beautiful and highlights the real contrast between modern structuring and old building materials to create stunningly functional spaces. I'm by no means a station geek normally but I really appreciate design and could see why Harry Potter's creators chose a station such as this to set such an amazing scene in the film (you know which one I mean!)

The Charles Dickens Museum was next on our list. Thank God for Google Maps walking directions because otherwise we wouldn't have found it! 
It's on a street of pretty houses that all look the same and only given away by the green sign outside. Once you go in the door you pay for entry and off you go exploring. Every room is laid out as if it was still in use by Charles Dickens and his family and the written guide talks you through the phases of his life in that home. The displays were really intricate and you can even touch the desk he wrote some of his most well known works on! Well worth a visit for those literary buffs and general lovers of a bit of history!

Then to Pizza Hut - just because we were starving!

If you can drop into The National Gallery as we did to see Van Gogh's Sunflowers if nothing else. Although I would recommend that you just get yourself lost in the place as it is vast and guaranteed to house art that everyone will love.

Off then around the corner to the National Portrait Gallery where we went to see Bailey's Stardust exhibition. Without a doubt this was my favourite thing I saw on Wednesday and if you can I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you getting down to London to see it soon if you can. Not only were all the photos obviously amazing but I was in awe of how they were displayed to really highlight the period of time or message they were meant to dictate. I particularly loved the area dedicated to Bailey's wife Catherine as it showed her beauty and their life together and everything in between. 

ADORE this image of Michael Caine - such a sexy man!

Next on the arty list was The Scream Gallery to see the Liu Bolin 'The Heroic Apparition' exhibition. This was a gallery of a vastly smaller scale and housed this exhibition only which allows you to see it in it's entirety and appreciate the work. The artist hides in plain sight and makes your really see the image to find him. 

We then popped into The Getty Gallery to see Slim Aaron's Riviera exhibition. It was a selection of images that really showcased glamour and luxury in stunning locations across the Riviera. Very opulent and really makes you want to hop on a plane and into the sun!

After stopping at Starbucks for a cold drink we then went sauntering through to Regents Park, saw a very friendly squirrel and chatted the time away in the sunshine :)

Then through to Primrose Hill to see the city from on high. It's a long walk at the end of a tiring day but well worth making the effort - a real sight not to miss!

And after all that I squished onto a London Midland train home at and jumped off at home for 21:07pm (told you it was along day!). I can tell you now that yesterday my feet were on fire but that just reminded me that not only had I had an amazing day with a friend who I love but that I also must have exercised quite a bit with all that walking!

I don't really go to London that much so this was an interesting day for me especially since it was packed with the art and architecture I love. I know for some Londoners that this may have been a dull post but for anyone looking for a day out where you get to see beautiful things and really experience our capital cities beauty give some of the places we visited a try :)


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