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Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Change is Coming: Making Decisions

I was shocked to look and see that this is my 100th blog post!!!! It doesn't feel like I've written that many which I think is a really good thing as 100 posts later I still LOVE writing them. 

At the end of March I wrote about changing my blog and learning more about blogging in general by taking 'The First Step.' Since then I have really learnt alot and it was through this research I made the big decision to change how my blog looks. I had already changed the name and bought the domain name so changing the image seemed to be the logical next step. 

At the moment as you will see I have following (look up ;) ):

I really do love this branding. I originally picked it due to it's simple elegance but I do think that for the time being it doesn't represent where I am at in blogging. I will still keep it on file somewhere in case I fancy a throw back one day but for now I am working with a web designer to re-brand and re-image. 

I had no idea how indecisive I was until this process. 
When I originally booked in my time with the designer it was over 5 months ago (she's mega busy!) and the original outline I gave her has changed as my thought process on this has evolved. Since then we have gone back and forth with emails and designs to get to the point now where I have to be decisive and final. When things get to this stage I end up second guessing myself which is sooo frustrating for not just me but her aswell I'm sure. 
I'm in two minds really as I want watercolour flowers to be involved but then I don't want to alienate any readers where that isn't their bag.... 

What I have recently concluded is that I should do what I have always done with this blog and choose what I feel is best for me.

I really love this continued process of writing and growing and I hope this little blog of mine will continue to be something I love. I'm sure in future it will go through many face lifts but for now keep an eye out because a change is coming....SOON!


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