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Friday, 18 April 2014

Travelling Adventures: Romantic Rome

If anybody has seen my Instagram recently you will have seen that over the past week I have't been having such a good time and I've really been struggling to stay positive. I won't delve into the details but it's been pretty depressing as it was events that were out of my control and completely unexpected. 

I chose today to try and rally my positive thoughts and look over photos of times that really made my happy and the one that made me smile the brightest was a trip with my better half to Rome a couple of years ago.
This holiday was damn near perfect as it allowed us to spend real quality time together and we got to see such a stunning place together.

I was approached by The Bloggers Lounge who have partnered up with Gapyear.com to write this post about my travel experiences and honestly I have found it quite cathartic and it's helping me get through a weird time. I hope you all happy memories to keep you going or are looking to create some as I think travel can definitely sooth the soul and awaken your mind.   

So here's some bits from my amazing Rome trip.....

Of course we saw all the traditionally brilliant things like The Colosseum:

The Vatican:

I didn't think I would love this place as much as I did. The architecture was mind blowing and the amount of art and sculptures everywhere just blew my mind. I could not believe the scale of the whole place and you can really feel the history as you wander around and up and down the huge staircases.

Here come the controversial bit... I wasn't a fan of the Sistine chapel!!! 
I'm not a fan of somewhere that is soooo heavily secured and no photos when it comes to the general public but will shut it down and allow celebs to take FLASH photography!!! That to me is down right wrong and really made me soo uninterested in it. (rant over)

The Trevi Fountain:

I'll hold my hands up here and say this wasn't my favourite place to visit on the trip but it was ok. It was a stunning fountain but I don't do well in huge crowds and I think we went on a VERY busy day so we only spent about 30 mins here. The Spanish Steps were the same for me but I did enjoy sitting on them for a while watching the crowd below. 

My out right favourite place was St Peter's Basilica:

It's probably the most beautiful building I've ever had the honour to step inside.

I also have a real passion for just general wandering around and love seeing and experiencing new cultures without any real plans. My favourite thing to do in any foreign country is to visit the Art Galleries and I have been very privileged to see many of my trips. Here's some pieces from galleries in Rome:

If you ever go to Rome I would seriously recommend throwing away the maps and just wander around. Travel about on the bus and underground and you will discover all the major sites alongside the beautiful people of this truly memorizing place.   

So Gapyear.com asked what my next big adventure may be so here's the dream....

My ULTIMATE Big Adventure would be to travel to China and Japan. I have a longing in my bones to experience Asia and experience all they have to offer!

Here's my list of things to see: 

The Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace, The Ancient Capitol of Xian, see the Terracotta Warriors, Yangzte River Valley and of course the Forbidden City.

In Japan I want to wander through Tokyo and Kyoto and just soak up the ultra modern VS traditional elements. 
Of course I want to see the rest of the world but Japan and china are on the 'to do before I leave this mortal coil' list!

I know the BF wants to travel across America which I also want to do but I really fancy driving across country in a classic car!

Fingers crossed I get to these things in future.... as you can tell the list will probably grow :) 

I'm hoping my luck will change soon and I get to see all these amazing places and I hope you all get to see the world too! Maybe we will bump into each other on some long lost isle ;) ........ see you there!!!

Happy Travels!  


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