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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Beautiful Bee Watch

Growing up I wasn't a fan of telling the time or watches in general. I hated being monitored and felt having this thing around my wrist was like a tracker or restraint which I could not tolerate (weird I know). Obviously growing up I have realised not only how useful a watch can be be but also how beautiful they can be so I have invested in a few good ones. 

Now as you can tell from my blog name and previous posts I am very centered around the letter B and anything B in general so finding a watch with a Bee in it was just heaven!  This super beautiful baby is by Olivia Burton and is just stunning. 

This watch and even the detail in the packaging oozes quality:

Every detail is flawless with even the bee in the centre looking very real and vintage in one hit! I particularly like the big face as it dominates my wrist and really grabs attention. 

Yes, at £125 its pricey but I think a worthy investment and something I will love forever :) I also love supporting unique brands that have worked hard developing their own unique brands and styles!

The blurb about how the two lovely ladies who created it (Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings) is beautiful and I'm so impressed how the brand is very nature focused :)

Here's another couple of Olivia Burton watches that are going onto the wish list:

Animal Motif Mink Hummingbird

Big Dial Chrono Detail Black and Gold

Ok so this wish list could go on and on and on. As you can see these watches are beautiful and such quality and I am just in LOVE. If you are looking for a new watch or a gift seriously check Olivia Burton out as it's an impressive piece of timekeeping :)

I just found out whilst writing this you can buy them in Goldsmiths - even my local one in the Bullring Birmingham!

Image By Olivia Burton Official

*This is NOT a sponsored post. All love and opinion expressed is my own*
**All close ups of watches are taken from Olivia Burton website**


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