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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

L'Oreal Lovelies: Rouge Caresse Lipsticks Review

What first drew me over to these babies was the packaging. Although reasonably priced at £7.99 they look rather expensive and I love the way the lid clips to the base so you don't loose them. This sounds like a silly point but believe me lids can just vanish!

I initially grabbed three colours (thanks to Boots 3 for 2):

203 Rock N' Mauve

301 Dating Coral

 01 Fashionista Pink

I wanted a small but varying colour range to try and to fill colour gaps in my current lipstick collection at the time.

I have owned many more since but for the moment these stay as my top 3 with the outright winner being 203 Rock N' Mauve. I love how the colour is a purple but has pink undertones and on my very pale skin adds an edge to my everyday look. It looks particularly good in an all black number circa practical magic ;)

They feel very lightweight on the lips but still have an immense colour pay off. I will say that you do have to reapply through the day to keep it very bright but you can just get away leaving it to fade to an almost bitten stage if you can't find the time. Overall I would call the texture a moisturising sheen as I don't feel they as are opaque as some of my other high street alternatives but I do see the beautiful colour :) 

After falling madly in love with them I then went back to try a new variation on the Caresse formula:

L'Oreal Caresse Coeur de Perle Lipstick in the shade 504 Nude and Cute

The main difference with this one is the centre tube of a white opalescent balm that runs through the whole lipstick. It was described as an 'iridescent vibrant colour with a sheer, light finish' on the stand so I knew the colour pay off maybe very different to my original three. 

Here's the swatches so you can see what I mean (504 compared):

This is definitely more on the natural side and leaves a shimmer on the lips rather than a thick colour like the lipsticks do. Its very smooth on application feels like I have nothing on my lips but when I glace in a mirror or on the edge of a mug I can see a lovely colour tone. I find that my lips just look more naturally polished and it's become my go-to at work colour as it goes with everything and isn't too in your face. 

Overall I love both types of Caresse lipsticks and will continue to buy both. I need a couple more to complete the whole ten shades on the original set so will work on that for now :)


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