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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Empties: The Top 3

Here's a breakdown of three products I have used up and loved in the month of March.

Boots Coconut and Almond Leave-In Conditioner (Normal to Dry Hair) (£1.49)

This hands down has been my favourite hair product for March (and now forever) for three main reasons:

1) It's so freaking cheap!!!!

2) It smells just so gorgeous and the smell stays in my hair all day.
3) It doesn't weigh my hair down at all!

I even decant some into a travel size bottle so I can spray my hair whenever its looking a little down or I fancy taking a little extra care of it. 

The only downside is I run out sooo fast. Boots you need to make this is a bigger bottle!

I also think Boots are missing a trick in not making it in a variety of scents as I would love a strawberry one! But other than that it's a huge winner for me!

L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Black Intense (£6.99)

If you ever see a photo of me you will immediately see I LOVE eyeliner.... It's my holy grail, can't live without it product so I generally buy lots and lots to fuel my desire. 
I spotted this beauty on one of my wanders around Superdrug on the hunt for new items and saw this on an end display and had to have it! Of course I already own a lot of L'Oreal Paris products and I have written about their skin care before but I hadn't really used much of the make up.

The very thin pointed tip makes applying eyeliner soo easy and makes getting it right up to the lash line a breeze. It hasn't got a distinct smell either which some other high street ones do and comes off easily with my Bioderma solutions

My top tip for this product is to store it with the tip facing down. What I have found is when I've been in a rush and left it on its side or the wrong way up that the tip can become slightly dry. 

So if you are on the hunt for a new eyeliner definitely head in this ones direction as I think it will be perfect for beginners or make life easier for those like me who use liner basically every day!

(I also bought its sister product Superliner Blackbuster Instense which I wasn't a mega fan of as its too cumbersome and drys out very fast :( Give it a miss!)

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm (£34.00)

The Emma Hardie range is just huge and has a real focus on skin care. I spotted this product on a Caroline Hirons website post and was at the time really looking for a new direction in my skin care routine. I bought it in August last year and it's only just run out!!!

It looks and feels pure luxury and sits proud on the skin care area of my bathroom. It's a really gorgeous cleanser with a lovely texture that isn't too harsh and just melts onto the face which is unlike others I have used that have been very harsh and stripping to the skin. It dissolves my make up with ease and if I have any stubborn eyeliner or mascara I just go over it a second time and Voila! Since using this my skin tone has seem brighter and overall my skin seems softer and very clean. 

I have to say the only thing that does let this beautiful product down is it's packaging as it looks lovely when you first get it but it doesn't age well!
I've found that my tub has cracked and can when slightly wet leak which makes it impossible to take when travelling. Also with it being a tub it can be rather unhygienic and messy to use sometimes but I haven't let these small things put me off!

I also bought the Emma Hardie lift and sculpt cleansing cloths (£10) so I could really make the most of the range and found them a delight to use. They have different textures on each side and really help remove any grime gently but effectively.  

If you are looking to spend a bit more time in improving your skin I would highly recommend you give this a try :)

*All opinions are my own, this is NOT a sponsored post. All images are my own, if you would like to use them please ask permission*


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