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Monday, 14 April 2014

Cute Coral Nails


This weekend I was riffling through all my nail colours and stumbled across one I had't yet worn. I can't actually remember when I bought this (oops) but I expect it was for sunny weather or holidays as it's a lovely warm coral colour. 

The colour is actually called 'Cute Coral' by Max Factor and is from their Gloss Finity range.
It claims to last 7 days and be very glossy and for £5.99 if it does this I'll be surprised but pleased. I have used lots of Max Factor polishes before and find them ok but they generally don't last as long as claimed. I'm currently on day three with them so I'll hold verdict until the full week is up. 

In case anyone wanted to know here's how I painted my nails:

I first put a base of O.P.I Start to Finish. You can read my first thoughts on it HERE. I always use a base coat as I have horrible memories of staining my nails all sorts of vile colours when I was younger and I certainly won't be making that mistake again!

I followed this with the 'Cute Coral.' I used 2-3 coats to get really good coverage and dense colour - I really love bright solid coloured nails. 

After letting this completely dry I then applied a coat of the O.P.I Start to Finish as it is a super multi- functional product. 

If I'm in a complete rush or can't wait for it to dry, at this stage I use a layer of Quick Dry Top Coat by Revlon (£6.49). Its a very watery like top coat but seals very quickly and allows you to get on with the day without waiting for the nails to 100% dry. I would say it's like a shield for the top layer but I wouldn't go hitting or scratching them for a while as it won't stop any major damage along the way.

So thats it! MY week begins with Cute Coral but who knows where it may end..... maybe some deep red or sumptuous blue.....

What colours do you guys love? 
Let me know if you have a favourite one for Summer and I'll give it a try :)


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