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Monday, 7 April 2014

Because I LOVE to write....


I've always been a anxious person and I've made a conscious decision over the past couple of months to not let it stop me trying new things and doing what I want to do. This blog was the first step out of my comfort zone and I have truly fallen in love with it.  

When I started this blog I found my confidence in writing grew and my passion for it really ignited. I have always been a secret book worm and find escaping into new books and genres fascinating so having this avenue to make my little addition to the world of the written word is priceless. 

I'll stop rambling now and I just show you what this post is about... I got published!! I wanted to show this a I'm very proud of it and it proves that even if you do feel anxious putting yourself out there in the world can pay off :) 

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Have a lovely day :)


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