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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Battle with the Bulge: JST Jodie

So I have been going back to the gym for some time now and have realised no matter how hard I work I need to fuel my body correctly in order to achieve real results. Plus I've actually decided upon restarting the gym to set myself goals and really work towards them. I have had a two week break recently for reasons I won't yet explain but as of last night I am back in the game!!

My number one thing to focus on around gym time is hydration. I don't drink enough anyway and find it really effects me at the gym. So my number one thing to take on a gym outing is a water bottle.

I have used many water bottles over my time at the gym and although I have liked some I LOVE this one. I love it not because its pink and fun but it actually is easy to use whilst in the gym. I don't know if you've ever found when running at the gym that you either can't get any water out the bottle or it ends up all over you but I have and its mega embarrassing and frustrating. I bought this one on a whim and am very glad i did! It doesn't drip or spill anywhere and its pretty hardy so doesn't crack or break.... it's just a damn good water bottle. Believe me I didn't think I would ever rave about such a simple thing as a water bottle but there you go!

The second thing I have been doing and will continue to do is use my shaker for meal replacements. I mentioned this in my earlier Battle of the Bulge post when I first starting using it and I have really found it easy and pretty to use. I didn't intentionally have an all pink gym theme but it's worked out that way!

The meal replacements I use is JMEAL replace in the flavour Cookie Dough. I had used it for well over three months then recently ran out and was considering not re-buying it. I'll be honest, I was kind of just using it because it tastes heavenly for an afternoon snack at work but when I stopped using it I really felt hungry. I mean it got ridiculous... I mega hungry at around the time I would usually have it and got grumpy. I also found that I didn't have as much energy in the gym in the evenings and I think that because I had lost part of the structured diet that I'd set up for myself for three months. Needless to say it has been re-purchased and is in use again :)

Now there is a third element to my routine that I am going to mention but not go into too much as I haven't really given it a fair enough try to form a full opinion....It's called JDIET Whey and is a fat burning protein powder. I once again got it in the cookie dough flavour and gave it a try last night. I'll be up front here and say my first taste of this wasn't as nice as the JMEAL but I'm going to persevere with it and put it down to me maybe mixing it wrong. 

I have also been using the SEMTEX, NEPTOX, TONEX and HERBEX products that are also on the website but I really want to give them a proper test and since I've only been using them for a couple of months I'll hold my verdict for now. 
So here's the foursome I will use to aid my gym targets for now. Fingers crossed I can now keep up my motivation and get fit for summer!

I got all of this stuff from jstjodie.co.uk that is fronted by the gorgeous Jodie Marsh. Now I'm sure some of you will have heard of her and have your own opinions but I think she's lovely and I have a lot of respect for her body transformation. To note, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN! as I'm sure someone will think it is. Give it a try if you are looking for anything along these lines as I would highly recommend them :)


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