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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bag of the Month: Cath Kidston Saddle Bag

It may sound ridiculous but I think a good bag can really make life a lot easier.

Mr current love is a Cath Kidston Cross Body Button Spot Saddle Bag (£68). It was a super amazing gift I was given about three years ago that ended up just in the back of my closet waiting for its turn. I started to use it about two months ago and it's literally not left my side ever since.

What I love about this bag is although its very practical and functional with a spill proof surface its actually very pretty. I always get compliments even when it really doesn't go with my outfit!

It's described on the website as deceptively roomy which I actually agree with as it has three internal pockets alongside two external ones. I didn't think it would be able to hold much but it does fit all the essentials but anything extra like shopping I end up picking up.

The pockets are great for your phone and your every day make up essentials!

My ultimate favourite thing of the entire bag is this internal hook. I don't know how I lived without this in a bag as now I attach my keys to it and never loose them. I will admit that I have had to resew it in as it was originally very weak and fell off but ever since it's all good. For me being so forgetful and a slight hoarder having this makes searching for keys a thing of the past.

You close it with two magnet points on the front that are covered by decorative straps adding to that country - saddle bag style. This is good as I like my bags closed to feel very secure and I like the thick, strong strap for that same reason. No one is going to be stealing this from me!!

I've also dug out a spotty purse I bought to kind of match the bag - how cute!! I may have got a little obsessed with spots and even had a spotty manicure at one point....


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