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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

An honest discussion: A fork in the road....

As I'm writing this I'm unsure as to what my next step in life should be but more pressingly the question of should I be writing about this? 

I'm in a position I think a lot of people are in which I am now unemployed and since I haven't been in this position for a long time I feel a deep sense of shame. I am seeking a new job but my brain keeps ticking over all these ideas and steps I should take before but I am constantly met with money issues. I love being busy and working hard so to not have that pace in my life at the moment is odd.

I will say I have been lucky in the fact that I have been offered temp jobs but feel immensely guilty for not accepting any of them based on a gut feeling that something better is coming for me. I hope when reading this you don't feel I am ungrateful for not taking these jobs but I can't ignore this punch in the gut anymore. I'm a great believer in signs and patience so am choosing to wait for the right next step but if that does not come I will take the next chance I'm given.

I think I have been given this time opportunity to truly consider what I want to do vs what I could do. I have a ball of something rolling around my brain that leans towards the creative industries to which my only outlet thus far has been on this blog and social media. I also am looking into helping people find jobs as I've always helped friends and relatives do this successfully.  

Please don't take this rambling posts as me losing my marbles but I want my blog to be a place where I can have open safe conversations with like minded people but also to help where I can. 

I'm contemplating doing posts on job hunting or interviews etc as I have been told I have a skill for that and want to help any of you guys out!


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