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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your CV

Right, so if you read my previous blog you will know I'm writing this in order to share some of my experience. This is not a typical 'How to' by any means but it's a collection of little tips that have made my CV stand out of the rest in the past.

1) Who are you? 
This is the first and last thing you should check. 
Making sure all your personal information is correct is the number one thing to check and then double check. I have seen some CVs before where just one digit on their numbers in incorrect and they have no other means of contact listed and POOF! the dream job has slipped away because of one tiny mistake...

2) There's nothing like good quality tailoring...
If you know the job you are applying for why not make sure your CV is made to measure for the role? If you are really being serious about this you should research the company the role is with or read in detail the job description that you are applying for. Then dissect your CV and rebuild it over 2 A4 pages based on what you have to offer to this position but don't forget point 3..... 

3) The Golden Truth
DO NOT LIE OR FABRICATE ANYTHING!! Be as honest as you can and use wording to extenuate your best features. Be positive and confident in your tone and really highlight your achievements. Make sure you start as you mean  to go on and capture attention straight away and the rest will be cherries on the top! 

4) Gaps in time are not your friend.
Sadly employers are always suspicious of gaps in your CV - this even includes in your education! In my experience if you touch on the reason why no matter how vague you have to be at least that time is accounted for. This gives you the chance to get to a conversation or hopefully get to an interview stage where you can explain further instead of being disregarded at the CV application stage.

5) Fix up, Look Sharp!
This ties into point 2 as it's about the package the tailoring comes in. 
If you're applying for an administration role make sure the CV looks formal and straight laced but if you are applying for a graphics role or in some creative fields go crazy and demand attention! Basically you have to know the role you are applying for and how to be the one person that really fits the role and display this in one really important document.....
Some fabulous Creative CV examples 

And one extra thing: A little help from those recommendations....
I have always included snippets from recommendations that I have received in the past at the very bottom of my CV followed by the phrase 'more available upon request.' I think it helps for employers to have an idea of the feedback that they may get when seeking references or I have had some employers skip that stage all together as I have already provided them - now this is obviously on a trust basis so probably won't happen in 90% of cases but is still worth showing. It can give you the jump on the competition because don't forget job hunting is just that... a competition!! 

Anyway as I said these are 5 tips that I have learnt when it comes to writing CVs over the years. Take them or leave them but I hope they can help!

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