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Monday, 3 March 2014

The OSCARS 2014: Top 3 best dressed and those who should have stayed at home....

Morning all :)

Did you stay up for the OSCARS? I certainly did and do not regret it!!

The awards schedule was a hell of a lot better than last year and the return of Ellen DeGeneres was an excellent choice to host as she completely kept the whole night moving, feeling fresh and full of her own brand of quirky comedy. If you haven't seen it it's worth Googling the pizza moment and the now infamous 'selfie.'

Now on the important bits - the outfits. I'm going to do Top 3 Women and Men first before throwing some of my worst looks at you.... sorry but I have to do it!

Here we go...........


1) Lupita Nyong'o in Prada.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the pale blue that Prada have used quite frequently of late. Against the sumptuous colour of Lupita's skin the dress became something more fairy-tale princess like and make her my stand out number one of the night. This gown for me is classically elegant in both fit and cut making it solely about the colour and the lady herself.  

Her hair was kept out of the face with a simple headband again not to detract from the dress and teamed with starburst diamond earrings to extenuate Lupita's gorgeous neck.

I think this dress reflects how humble and honest Lupita comes across and she looked amazingly comfortable in it which is always a huge plus on the red carpet. Seeing her so filled with happiness and her speech made me cry the most when she received her award.

Congrats on her OSCAR, it was well deserved.

 2) Cate Blanchett in Armani

This woman always oozes style but this dress took it to the next level for me. The entire gown was embroidered with tiny beads and paillettes adding the extra unique touch that was lacking last night as most dresses were extremely simple. By choosing this sequined, beaded pale dress Cate made her look all about understated beauty and her stunning ivory skin tone. 

Continuing the style of her dress she wore a giant pair of burst opalescent earrings with several diamond bracelets and rings as a nod to the old Hollywood glamour that she so adores.

The nude theme was carried on into her makeup with her opting for very neutral eyes with strong quaffed eyelashes and a nude lip.
To complete the look her hair was styled into soft curls that finished around her face and led the eye down to give the whole ensemble 

She seemed genuinely shocked on winning the OSCAR and her face was an absolute picture. (check it out on YouTube if you can :))

3) Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

One word for this dress....phenomenal!
I am a long time Kate Hudson fan and she at every awards plays to her strengths whilst trying something a little different. 
This dress had it all: shoulder pads, the plunging neckline, stain and sparkles!

The whole look had a very 1950s glamour look about it with the deep sultry eyes and simple but huge diamond earrings. Her hair  was kept in very sleek waves reminiscent of Veronica Lake in the overall feel and against the red of the carpet she shone like the true star she is. 

I'm going to be a bit sneaky and add in a 'Beloved Award' for classiest dress....

Jennifer Garner in Oscar De La Renta

Just because I love her understated beaded dress and general classiness ( I love her so yes I am a little bias!)


1) Jared Leto in Saint Laurent (pictured with is mom and brother) Amazing colour combo!

2) Kevin Spacey in...... (can't find this out at the moment) a blue suit with black lapels. VERY on trend right now ;)

3) Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford - Very yummy indeed

After all that sexy, lovely glamour we hit the pile where the look was either a bit off or that just didn't live up to expectations. I'm not going to name and shame here but here's a small collection of my not so favourites for you to see if you agree:

Now here's a few random looks (from the OSCARS and the after parties) I didn't love or hate... you know those middle of the road kind of looks:

Khloe is just super sexy Gothic princess me!!!

Anyway, all these opinions are my own and you may have loved something I haven't mentioned so let me know :) Hope you all enjoyed the event and loved the fashion and beauty as much as I have!

Speak Soon,


*All photos as credited


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