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Friday, 7 March 2014

The Big Gym Update: the Battle with the Bulge continues....


So it's been a little while now since I've mentioned the gym thing so thought I'd put an update on here for you but in all honesty its for me to keep myself motivated and to track my progress.

So I now go the gym three times a week *shocked face* 
I can't actually believe it myself but so far so good - it is week 2 or 3 I think so it's not been long enough to see results but I can now run for two minutes on a treadmill YAY!

My major problem at the moment is food. I adore it far too much to give up everything yummy I love and especially with Easter eggs being out now I'm really struggling to resist.

My total favourite!

The Gym:
I thought I'd take a few snaps round my gym so you can picture the scene:

The gym has a wall to one side that covers a section dedicated to ladies. Now I like this concept but of late they have been taking my favourite machines out and putting them on the main floor. 

I find that the main weights section can be quite intimidating and usually full of posturing men who won't get off the machines. They seem to be there at all hours so am a bit annoyed with the gym moving all the good equipment out. I know this sounds a little winy and selfish but I bet most of you who read this, even you guys, know exactly what I mean and can picture those men in the weights section making it almost impossible for you to use even when you do pluck up the courage. I can't even take a photo to show you because it's always sooooooo full :( so here's a couple of snaps to hint at what I mean :)

Images from Moviequotesandmore
Images from Moviequotesandmore

My Stats as of today:
Height: 6ft 1"
Weight: 11st 5lbs (i'm hoping its muscle weight lols)
Measurements: still haven't done this...I may be avoiding it...

Currently I do a mix of cardio and weights with the aim to build myself up each time and increase my strength. As I said I haven't seen a dramatic difference yet but these things take patience which I am also trying to develop.
I'm quite lucky though as I have my cousins and BF around to help me navigate my gym journey and to make sure I persevere and succeed!

I even have found a dream body type to aim for:

Yes its Iggy Azalea ;) Love her! *photos from thenewclassic*
Damn it I will have that toned stomach!!!!!

So to the gym and to you I'll say see you later ;)


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