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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sound of my Sunday: All American Rejects!

Hello my lovelies :) Have you had a good week?

Over the past week I have found an old iPod under my stairs and bravely set it to shuffle. This can be dangerous but I thought what's the worst that could happen? To put it bluntly..... Aqua :0 (you know..... I know you know ;))

But on the plus side the old iPod threw out a few amazingly classic and long forgotten classics by a band I kinda loved.... The All American Rejects. Now understandably in this world we live in some bands are here today, gone tomorrow which I sort of think they were but the songs still live up to my loving memories of them today.

Image from AAR Flickr
Image from AAR Flickr
I have found that during my gym sessions that the kick of 'Move Along' and 'Swing Swing' have been great to keep me in pace on the weight machines and 'Gives You Hell' just makes me smile like a teenager :)

Being honest my initial love for the band may have been more because of the beautiful eyes of a certain band member *blush* but as I grew up (only slightly ;)) I can appreciate the music and lyrics and his eyes. Lets see if you can understand what I mean.....

The AAR videos were just fun and inventive and are completely stereotypical of music videos at the time but guess what.... who cares!! they were awesome and you know it!!!

Gives you Hell - The All American Rejects

After some serious Googling today I discovered they have made new music over the past couple of years and I think this offering is beautiful....

If you've never heard of them and fancying reliving part of your youth give them a go!!

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Speak Soon,




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