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Saturday, 22 March 2014

O.P.I: Start to Finish


I'm currently writing this whilst watching The Voice UK and I can tell you now I'm going to back Christina-Marie for the win as shes soooo amazingly talented, beautiful and very humble - FOR THE WIN!!!!! *Fawning over her!*

Anyway on to the real topic of this blog, my new purchase: 
O.P.I Start to Finish - Base Coat, Top Coat and Strengthener. 

OPI Start to Finish Nails

I saw this after a desperate search for something to strengthen my failing nails in Boots and it immediately grabbed my attention. 

A little background on my nails; I usually have gel polish done when I'm feeling a bit flush money wise but when I can't do that or have been naughty and peeled off the gel (you know you do it!) my nails are in need of protecting from breaking. If ever I don't do something to them, even it means putting a horrendous red nail polish on at three in the morning, my nails break :( very sad times.

I already love the O.P.I brand so buying this on pure trust was a no brainer but I was a bit dubious about a product claiming to do both top and base coat whilst also being a strengthener as I'm used to doing all three things separately (long winded I know.) 

OPI Start to Finish Nails

I have to say I've been using this for a few days now (after removing that horrendous red nail polish you see in the photo) and have been pleasantly surprised. I had intended it to be a strengthener alone for my nails and so haven't used it with colour over the top yet but I have no doubt I will be soon. 

OPI Start to Finish Nails

The brush is super soft and denser than the average nail polish brush which I think just enhances the overall quality of the product. It glides on very smoothly and doesn't have an overwhelming smell. All these little points along with the fact my nails look beautifully clear and feel very string means this little baby is going to become a permanent member of my nail polish team :)
OPI Start to Finish Nails

 I got mine from Boots for £13.25 :) Give it a try if your nails need some help strength wise, it really works!


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