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Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Liberty Beauty Magazine: The Review

I was very happy to open my mail yesterday and discover the new Liberty Beauty magazine. Since visiting London a while ago and buying some amazing things in Liberty (I may show you in future posts) I have been a loyal Liberty shopper, I even have the card! They constantly send me vouchers and little update product emails which I obvious like as they generally get a lot of items that you certainly cannot get easily in Birmingham. 

I was surprised however to get a magazine through the door and thought I'd give you a little peak into what it offers. Just to say, I'm fully aware that it is an advertising thing luring me into buy buy buy so I opened it with my eyes fully open to what I expected to be the hard sell inside. I can say honestly that I very surprised at what I found inside.

 Each page is littered with interesting tip and tricks related to the products displayed on the page. I particularly like the pages where a whole make up look is done by a very small combination of brands that Liberty stock (see above). There are also pages to introduce new and innovative products such as vitamins and body products. 

This page below is my favourite makeup look and it made up of all Nars and Shu Uemura products which I am already a huge fan of. I love the just bitten lips and the dramatic lashes making the whole look seem simple but sumptuous - I will definitely be trying this out!

On delving further into the magazine I found a £20 off voucher when you spend £100 which will definitely help if I go on a big splurge! Again I know it's another incentive to buy things but I'm a sucker for makeup and all things new in the beauty world :)

Overall the whole magazine is easily navigated, beautifully laid out and offers a variety of product information from a range of price brackets. There are certainly some bits I will be adding to my collection that will also add Beauty Points to my Liberty Card (kind of like Boots points I guess) so it's all good! I believe you can sign up for the email updates and get the magazine alongside so head over to the Liberty Website if you want to get your hands on it or any of the amazing products they offer.

Image by LDNLondon
If you guys are in London and fancy a special shopping trip I'd head to Liberty and discover a really beautiful store with lots of bits and pieces to grab your attention.

Have fun!!

*All opinions are my own - This is not a sponsored post*



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