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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mascara Mayhem!

Hey my lovelies :)

Of late I have found my eyes becoming quite irritated and I couldn't figure out why. After trying to decipher the issue I've put it down to my mascara so decided it was out with the old and in with the new. I know the 'beauty rules' dictate to only keep your mascara a max of two months or something silly like that but I'll hold my hands up now and say I hadn't bought a new one in at lease 4 months....... oops!!! 

On looking over my mascara collection I have tried a variety of brands and wands to varying success. I usually combine two or three mascaras when doing my makeup to achieve greater definition and noticeable results.

 I seem to have repurchased the same five repeatedly so have broken them down to see how I really feel about them individually before saying goodbye. The Five I owned were as follows:

1) Soap and Glory - Thick and Fast HD Mascara (£10.50)
I bought this when I was going through a 'loving everything gold' phase and didn't even look at the description or brand. I found the brush unusually good as it fanned out one side and was tight the other meaning I could really add to the curve of my lashes and build the colour quickly (apparently its a 7 sided wand......didn't see that myself). According to the Soap & Glory website it contains Collagen Pre-Peptides, long stretch polymers that allow your lashes to stay flexible when dry and makes sure they don't flake so maybe this wasn't my irritation culprit?
Overall I really liked this mascara as I felt the black was very black in just one coat and when I spent more than two seconds on them my eyelashes looked curled and fuller. 
Score for me: 7/10 (I'll probably buy this again)

2) Benefit - They're Real! Mascara (£19.50)
I bought this baby based solely on the hype it got when it was first released and my long term love for the Benefit brand. The brush is firm so allows good control when applying but the formula takes longer to dry than alot of my other mascaras.
In all honesty it was good but not my favourite. The wand did lift and separate my lashes but even after two applications I didn't see that dramatic result everyone spoke of.....
Score for me: 5/10 (not bad, but not brilliant)

3) L'Oreal - Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara Waterproof (£10.99)
The brush on this bad boy is curvy and large which is what first attracted me to it but doesn't collect loads of product which surprised me. From what I've read the mouth of the tube removes any excess as the wand passes through - I am a firm believer that all mascara tubes should have as standard. 
The colour is very black even on the first application and is lovely to build with other base mascaras. I went for the waterproof option and found it ridiculously difficult to get of which is brilliant for those long nights out or when I'm in the gym ;)
Score for me: 8/10 (well worth a repurchase and very good for the cost)

4) Bourjois - Volume Glam Ultra Curl Mascara (£7.99)
The wand on this mascara had a curve meaning it was pretty obvious how to use it to get the best results. The wand head did drag out alot of product so needed some wiping off prior to use but where it shone was on my lower lashes, which after a couple of uses became its only job. I don't think I would rate it highly for use to create the so called 'ultra curl' but it was very good for my tiny lower lashes.
Score for me: 6/10 (solely for those lower lashes!)

5)  Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara (£10.99)
This is another one with a chunky wand but is more straight in its form than the L'Oreal offering. It definitely offers more length and fullness but can seem a little clumpy if you don't spend the extra time coming the product through. I really liked this for a more every day natural lash and being waterproof it really doesn't budge, even when you are trying to get it off!!
Score for me: 6/10 (middle of the road product for me)

After all that, here's them all side by side so you can compare the wands for yourself and see if you want to try them too :)

The New Crew:
Today I purchased three more mascaras to start my new collection from Boots that have three different wands. I'm all about trying new release makeup and brand new formulas.
(£9.99)                                (£6.99)                                (£7.99)

I am already in LOOOOOVE with the packaging on this Revlon mascara. I'm a sucker for bright and unique branding so this grabbed my eye instantly. Fingers crossed its as good as the packaging looks!

I will see how all three go and let you know :)

Speak Soon,




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