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Friday, 14 March 2014

Maleficent - The New Disney Icon?

Disney have always touched on the macabre and this film aims to transport us back to Sleeping Beauty and finally delve into to the story of the Evil Queen herself. Disney have always focused on the moral 'Princess' character but in recent memory they have expanded their repertoire to embrace villains, add humor and enhance the darkness that has always been in the shadows of their franchise. It seems they've grown up with us!

The Film stars Angelina Jolie in the title role, Elle Fanning as Arora and Brenton Thwaites as the dashing Prince Phillip.

Angelina Jolie is really an inspired choice for this role. I have liked her and loved her in certain parts but you know when they say someone was made for something... I think this and Tomb Raider is it! Now, I'm hoping me saying all of this isn't going to be a let down when the movie is released but I suspect we will all be in love with her by the end of it!
Film Fact: After many castings the directors could find no children for parts in the film as they were so petrified of Angelina in full makeup. They then turned to her own children of which only one, yes one, wasn't afraid, the gorgeous little Vivienne. She's now in the film as a cameo as Angelina has said she doesn't particularly like them in the lime light as they grow up. 

Elle Fanning as Princess Arora
This shot promises lots of famous faces as cameos and a hell of a lot of CGI/Green Screen to create that modern Disney Magic!

I'll leave you with my favourite image that has been released so far... Gosh her smile is stunningly evil! I really hope this turns out to be a master piece. If nothing else I'm sure the cinematography and colour will be off the scale phenomenal by these images!

It's Iin cinemas 30th May 2014, I'm definitely going to see it!


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