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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

In Bruges: the Journey...


Last night I got back from the amazing city of Bruges and being so inspired I am going to dedicate some posts this week to Bruges and everything to do and see in a weekend.

This first post is about my journey and what I think is a top way to travel to the wonderful city of Bruges - the Eurostar.

14/03/2014   08:30am: We began the journey by loading all our two little suitcases into my car and set off on the open road. I drove through some very dense fog for the very first time which I'll be honest was pretty scary, then through some blazing sunshine (it was an odd morning) heading down towards Ebbsfleet International Train Station.

The journey wasn't as horrendous as I'd originally thought and we actually had a real laugh on the way. If your comfortable with driving and live centrally this really does help in saving money as you don't need to add another £150+ to the journey with extra trains into London. 

Ebbsfleet also has an amazing car parking system where if you book in advance it recognises your number plate and automatically lets you in! I may be a little too fascinated with this technology but I really was impressed by this plus my car felt very secure. 

Ebbsfleet International is basically the same as an airport just on a smaller scale. They check your passport, scan your luggage and bodyscan you for good measure. The station is very grand, modern and the staff are extremely helpful so I couldn't recommend the station enough. From here you can get the Eurostar to multiple locations knowing that your car is safe and you can go on your journey off into the rest of Europe. I particularly like the wall of locations you pass by before the body scan so I took a photo in the queue :)

13:15pm: We got to the station super early as to avoid any traffic and stress so ended up waiting just over an hour for the Eurostar. The Eurostar itself wasn't exactly what I thought it would be if I'm honest. I think I expected a very spacious grand train but it ended up being like every train I've ever been on; very tired and very cramped but on saying this the journey wasn't uncomfortable.

17:06pm; We got off the Eurostar and was in the Brussels Midi station where we hopped on a local train that took us straight into central Bruges. On paper the whole journey looked a bit long winded but I can honestly say it was easy and really lovely. I got to see alot of the central UK via road and then an amazing amount of Brussels into Bruges via the local train. I adore seeing so much open space and the little villages so I really did enjoy myself and we weren't even there yet! 

Now between us and Bruges there is an hour time difference. They are an hour ahead so you have to factor that into the travel time when I'm talking here :)

18:00pm: We got into Bruges at around this time and took a bus from the station right into the Markt where we could walk to our hotel. The bus cost 1.50 Euros each and we literally went three stops before getting off. I'm sure we could have walked it but in a new city I felt more comfortable following the standard advice on the web and following our little map. From the bus stop we walked for around 5 minutes tour hotel and voila! we were in Bruges and in our amazingly lovely hotel - Hotel Navarra. 

The hotel itself is beautiful (but I'll tell you about that later in the week) and after unpacking for about an hour and getting settled we went for an evening wander through the city to get our bearings. 

The above were a couple of quick snaps I took before we headed off in search of dinner :)

Now I'll end this one here as I want to talk about the restaurant we ate in in another post but it really was an amazing end to a long day of travelling and I was mega excited for the rest of the weekend. 

Stay tuned for more In Bruges! 

Speak Soon,

Becky Beloved


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