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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Here’s a List of the Many Famous Men Lindsay Lohan Had Sex With (yawn)

Is anybody else horrified by Lindsay Lohan releasing this list?!? I wouldn't normally write about something like this but its seriously has been messing about in my mind today.
I don't know whether to feel sad for her that she feels to do this or applaud her for being so open......

Apparently Miss Lohan is trying to change the public perception of her by throwing out all sorts of rubbish into the world like a reality show on OPRAH and putting out this kind of rubbish for the world to see. I honestly think there's a line where you need privacy to survive as a human being, no wonder she's so lost and broken!
Wasn't she lovely? (photo ABCNEWS)
The list includes lots of famous, easily recognisable names which of course it would, who would have released it in the media if it was full of Joe Bloggs and Mr Smiths? Now, what I find fascinating is some names have been blocked out for legal reasons...... now if that's for privacy the list should have just been binned and never allowed to  surface to the top of Miss Lohan's cesspit of a life. But I suspect these are normalish people who have a right to privacy which I'm sure then begins to separate the privacy of a celebrity and the privacy of us the general public.....How much do we want or need to know here!?! (Sorry but this kind of topic I could waffle on about all night!)
She claims she wrote the list whilst drunk with friends and never expected anyone to share it with the world....*yawn*... I smell BS here.
This is really messing with my mind here...... what do you guys think?
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