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Friday, 21 March 2014

A change is coming......

I have always had the word beloved in my life. I'm a firm believer in signs and patterns in this world so something really grabs my attention I take note and beloved as a word at the age of 10 was something that screamed out to me has stayed with me ever since. It starts with a B which of course I'm going to like but it's meaning is just, well for a word, lovely.

But since starting this blogged I have ummed and ahhed over it so much like its my little baby and honestly, without knowing it have fallen in love with writing (whether I'm good or bad at it!) and excuse the pun but its become beloved to me. 

I dived into this as an outlet for my idle mind really and through reading other peoples blogs and chatting to writers I've found its a really open and caring community of mostly like minded people, so maybe I should take this a little more seriously and open up more? I guess it's about time I do!

I have discovered through jumping back into Beloved Beauty recently that I haven't really branded myself correctly as from speaking to other bloggers they tell me this is really important. In all honesty starting this I had no clue but I'm really going to dive feet first and throw my all in. I guess what I'm saying to anyone who reads this (including my lovely 14 followers, hey!) that I'm going to be a bit braver and try something new... 

On looking into getting more serious into this world of writing I have been seriously thinking of a new name for this website and taking a big step forward..... so watch this space because a change is coming.... 

*Sorry about this not being a Bruges post as promised but I just had to get this off my chest*


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