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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sound of my Sunday: Katy B

Hello Sunday!!

Right lets get straight into things. Katy B is her name and unique beats is her game! 
(gosh that was cheesy :/

Photo by York Vision
She's been around for a couple of years now and I did have her album 'On a Mission' in my car for the longest time. I really liked it but the BF hates when I play an album repeatedly :/

Album Cover art from Official Katy B
I just got her new album 'Little Red' which congrats to her is now Number 1 in the UK Album Charts! It'll be heading straight onto my gym playlists and the car as from what I've already heard I'll be wanting it on loud alot!

I'm completely in lone with her new song 'Crying for no reason' because honestly I think if you listen to the lyrics that everyone has had that feeling + its really catchy. Fingers crossed the whole album is so funky and deep.

I also LOVE her hair - are you seeing a running theme to what I love yet?!? 
She has gone between deep sultry red to a bold bright orange tone which I adore especially as she has such rich, full hair anyway. It really makes her stand out and I did see that she compared herself recently to this little lady...

Official Disney Release Image
So my Sunday plan is this: put on 'Little Red' and get my Sunday house clean on! I'll let you know how awesome it maybe some time soon :)

OMG - just read this fact......shes born three days after me!!! (GEEKING OUT!!)

Speak soon, 



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