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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sound of my Sunday: Foxes

Good morning my lovelies :)

Introducing a little thing I may do regularly as I find my blogger feet - 'Sound of my Sunday.' Its just me sharing music I've loved recently and hopefully introducing you to some new sounds to add to your life playlists.

I'd heard a song called Clarity some time ago and really liked it but thought nothing of it since. You know how it goes, you hear a few songs you like but never put two and two together to think 'oh yeah' that the same artist, you should look into that!

So a big thank you is due to Sunday Brunch today as they have finally showed me the stunning face of Louisa Rose Allen AKA Foxes! She is not only musically amazingly talented but has a maine of hair that I am damn jealous of. She also, as it seems from her recent video, has a zany sense of humour.

Foxes is a quirky, beautiful lady who, after some serious Google stalking on my part, has a really lovely sense of style that reflects her musicality. She bears a striking fashion resemblance to Zoe Deschanel of 'She & Him' fame which if you speak to anyone I know will tell you I ADORE!!

Most importantly her music is brilliant and her really strong vocal tone is something I think you will really enjoy listening to. Can't wait to grab her album 'Glorious' in May - Good things come to those who wait!!

Check Foxes out at http://www.iamfoxes.com/
and let me know what you think :)

Speak Soon,


*All images taken from Foxes Official website*


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