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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Oh hello there you lovely people!

This is a kind of 'reintroducing' of myself to the blog world following a longer than expected hiatus (I know, my bad!)

So here goes....... I'm Becky aka Beloved Beauty!

I initially started this blog years ago to vent a mix of my creative juices and my secret shopping addiction (if you look back its pretty random :/) ..... but as life usually goes, reality got in the way and stopped me sharing with the world things I love and my opinions on them. 

I figure that if there is enough information and opinions on the internet you really can make informed choices (yes this is my grown up bit....) about things you buy, do etc making sure that in this funny old economic climate that you make the right purchases. Come on, we all do it.... check out a cheeky YouTube video or blog before we buy that special something that catches your eye...... whether you end up snapping it up or not!

So for now I'm going to attempt to be better at this blogging thing and if it helps y'all out there that's brilliant :) But if it ends up being a place for my mind to wander and leave a trail of beloved things behind for safe keeping so be it :)

Speak soon,

P.S Please excuse my appearance at the moment I'm still trying to adjust!


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