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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Migraine Discovery.....

So from yesterday evening until right now I have had a migraine (its now a dull headache).... its been about 7 on my normal Richter scale but believe me its been hard to be a functioning human being today. I have suffered with them since I was 12 and they really can knock me out for at least a day at their worst.

My mother and grandmother both suffer with migraines and guess what....I inherited that from them :( For anyone who has them you know the incredible pain, sickness and general havoc these evil things have on your life and will understand when I say you want to just curl up and cry.

Migraine Trust Image

I have done the usually visits to the GP which as of the end of last year became extremely frustrating as the questioning usually began as follows:

1) Do you need your glasses prescription changing? 
My answer: No, you've asked me this veery time and I always bring the paperwork to prove it!

2) Are you menstruating? 
My answer: Oh, I'm a woman, you noticed without even looking up at me.... fabulous......

Now, although I am coming across horrendously here when you have a continuing pain in your head being asked these questions repeatedly really doesn't help. After my last discussion with the GP in Dec 2013 I decided to seek help elsewhere trawling the internet for people who understood and to try and tip and tricks I could. I found many home remedies and extreme things to try but in the end couldn't see anything that would suit my lifestyle and allow me to go about my normal existence. 

That was until I stumbled across something.......
I recently joined the Migraine Trust as I was desperate to find out the triggers for my migraines and to make them as few and far between as possible. (I have seen what they can do to you as you get older from my family and I'll be damned if I'm going that way too.) This website is a tool for you to use and keep track for yourself which almost cuts out the middle man GP for the time being and means I can stroll in there with all my documentation and avoid the annoying questioning. 

They even have a cute dimmer switch on the website if your mind migraine to help you read!!
On the website you create a diary and put in everything from symptoms to what medication you may have taken and the effect. The aim is not only study your own personal triggers to point you in the direction of the right help which in all honesty can be difficult to get from your GP. 
The website leads you through a list of questions including symptoms before the migraine, medication, severity and a few random 'click the sad face' icon questions to record every aspect of the migraine. 
I have filled this in a couple of times now and it slowly but surely will build up a chart to see how your migraines occur. Mine looked like this in January...

This may all seem like a faff for those who suffer but if you are like me and are desperate to find any way to avoid them then give it a go. My theory is wheres the harm in documenting the problem and seeing if I can find a way out as soon as possible. 
I also find the links and support tools useful as they are monitored by migraine specialists who make sure any advice is legitimate and if they find something that works for the majority they pass it on.  

So this is a work in progress but I just thought that I'd pass on the discovery... hope it helps!!!!

I'm off to bed.......

Speak Soon,



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