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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Battle with the Bulge!

Hey my lovelies, 

I have no idea if the blogger world would be interested in my battle with own personal weight but I'm going to put it out there in the Universe anyway. I'm doing this to make sure I actually get up off my rather large butt and actually do something about it instead of just whining and feeling a bit sad. I'm sure I'm not alone in constantly thinking I'm going to do something or telling people that 'I've totally joined a gym' but never actually ever doing it. So this is my promise to myself to be better, eat better and generally take care of myself as I have been a bit naughty over the years!

My Stats: (oh god this is actually nerve racking!)
Height: 6ft 1" (I know I'm a giant!)
Weight: 11st 7lbs
Measurements: I have no idea :/

In all honesty I'm looking to shed a few pounds healthily and become super toned. This has been the goal for a long time but never one I have actually tried for but here goes.....

What I've done so far:
1) I joined a gym! yes, yes I know everyone says that but I actually have! It's a 24/7 Fitness so I can go whenever the urge grabs me to!
24/7 Fitness

2) I bought gym clothes...... not the fabulously expensive kind but they'll do....

3) Made my BF and cousins sign up with me as motivation. I'm super competitive anyways but having the support and push from the people I love will hopefully spur me and and keep me motivated. I'm hoping also to do the same for them so when one of us doesn't feel like it the other will be like 'hey, get up man' and via versa!

4) Got myself some supplements and protein shakes from jstjodie because I love Jodie Marsh's positivity and her body shape.... to clarify I want to be toned not muscle bound so shes my inspiration but not goal (if that makes sense.) I'm hoping they help but if anyone is interested in a review or running commentary on how its going let me know :)

Photo from jstjodie.com

So its actually time to do this.... (nerves have kicked in)..... I'm aiming to start tomorrow after my induction and then go shopping to buy myself some healthy snacks because chocolate is my ultimate downfall!!!!! Three times a week is the goal whether that be a class or general gym :)

I'll keep you posted if you are interested :)

Speak Soon,


P.S I think that no matter what shape or size you are I think the only way to be truly happy with it is to be positive and make positive moves. You know how you feel, no one else should ever tell you what to do or influence how you feel about your body. I know that is really easy for me to type and it has been a constant struggle for me but (a little selfishly I guess)I hope that there are others out there like me who I can gather support from and visa versa. We are all in this together :)


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