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Monday, 24 February 2014

My Battle with the Bulge: part 2

So hello Monday and hello to you lovelies :)

Current nail colour: Taupeless Beach by OPI Gel

How was your weekend? Mine involved some hair pampering, had my nails done and a movie marathon which included Thor: The Dark World.... I am a huge Loki fan *blush*

Love this GIF from Perezhilton.com

Anyway I digress..... back to my battle with the bulge:

The gym:
I have in the past week attended the gym twice and in all honesty one of those was me getting used to the machines. I think I still need an induction but I'm getting there! 
My Friday night session was the one where I really got into it as the gym was relatively empty and I had some awesome tunes on my ipod.... I'm going to try and put together a playlist for the gym so I stay super motivated and enjoy it. I hope this playlist, whatever it may contain, will force me to keep moving forward and track my own personal progress.
Do you guys do this? Any suggestions?

The diet:
I have been structuring my meals and cutting down on the mountain of sweeties I usually consume which I believe is really helping me stay focused. I have decided to keep the weekend as my treat days (because yes we all need them) but during the week I have  swapped a snack for a Jmeal shake in the cookie dough flavour (yummy yummy) in order to really try to keep on top of my diet. I'll be honest I am known for having a humongous sweet tooth which makes this upcoming Easter difficult as I ADORE Easter eggs.... they are my personal addiction.....I have no self control when it comes to those babies, so we shall see if I can resist!

The sportswear:
Currently I'm running about in some really old sports stuff as I am awaiting orders from H and M and Next. I'm hoping this will make my gym experience more comfortable and funky ;) I will show you if they turn out to be worth a mention! This initial sportswear shopping has lead to me dreaming of new trainers so they maybe on my to-buy list very soon ;)

Current Trainers vs Dream Trainers

My Stats as of today:
Height: 6ft 1" (I know I'm a giant!)
Weight: 11st 4lbs (3lbs has gone somewhere?!?)
Measurements: still haven't done this...oops

Will be off to the gym tonight and may investigate the class list...... Hope you have  a lovely start to the week :)

Speak soon, 



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