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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Revlon VS Soap and Glory Smack Down!

Hey Y'all!

I wear alot of black to work as its easy and I really cannot be bothered some mornings to go and dig out something funky on these horrible cold mornings so adding a touch of colour to my lips of late has really cheered me up! 

I seem to have picked up two brands so this is a lip crayon smack down.... 

Revlon VS Soap and Glory 

I've picked out three of my favourites from each brand to see who will be the victor overall.....

First up...Revlon Just Bitten Kissable: 
Firstly the Revlon range has an amazing name and calls its self a balm stain rather than lipstick crayon... I think it makes it the most honest product as it isnt claiming to be something its not like some other popular brands *cough, no names* 

The plus points to me are that the range of colours is quite large and leaves you with no stickiness on the lips after application and no dryness when you've been wearing it a while. They are easy to use due to the size so really you can't go wrong when in a rush and they leave a gorgeous sheen to the lips which feels lightweight. I think because its a gel formula that it maybe sits better over any lines in the lips and feels smoother on application.

On the downside for me all of the colours I own do have an unusual smell to them which first thing in the morning isn't fun and they a funny taste in my mouth when I accidentally licked my lips. Some do take more building than others to get the dense colour I like but overall they are well worth the £7.99 I paid.. get them here :)

The challenger.... Soap and Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Gloss Stick:
Again another fabulous name! The tag line for this product was 3D volume lip shine which I think is appropriate all bar the 3D bit..... we get it, life's not in 2d?

The formula on these is a bit more creamy in texture which left my lips feeling moisturised and hydrated even after the colour had faded... that's a huge plus for me as is the cold weather my lips dry out quickly.

Compared the the Revlon Lip Stains I think this product does gives a hell of alot more gloss to the lips (but then again that is what its saying it will do!) but this does mean initially there was a slight bit of stickiness for me. Although the colour range is slightly smaller I feel that the colour pigment is deeper so I needed to apply this product less throughout the day. 

Usually a lip product with a smell instantly outs me off but I have to say I didn't mind these at all. Its almost sweety in smell reminds me of vanilla. 
For £8.00 these are again well worth the cost ... get them here :)

Trying to pull the exact same face for two products is hard!!!!

Here's some comparison shots from the colours I use regularly.....

During my delve into the lipstick draw discovered I own a Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Glossy Lipstick Finish in the colour - Orange Punch (£7.99). Now, I don't usually go anywhere near the orange range of lip colour due to ghost like complexion but this on me had a slightly warmer tone so wasn't entirely bad. It's claims to be waterproof which gives it the advantage on the Revlon range but does fade throughout the day so still needs that annoying second application to give full coverage. I'm not going to claim its a favourite but I will give it another try when the weather perks up....

My out and out winners in this round is.... *drum roll*..... SOAP and GLORY!!!!!
(You probably guessed that from my babble earlier.)

 The colour pay off for me is far superior after one application and the texture and smell is just more comfortable on my lips. My current favourite colour is Fuchsia-Ristic as its a red I can wear with almost everything and it makes me pull silly faces ;)

These are now a definite bottom of my bag item so I can grab them whenever I need that pop of colour. 

If you try them let me know what you think, have a lovely day :)

Speak Soon,



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