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Friday, 21 February 2014

Katy Patra (aka Katy Perry) - Dark Horse Premiere

Just watched Katy Perry's new Dark Horse video and ADORED it!!!! The fabulously bold colours and evil queen persona is a new look for Katy Perry but she pulls it off flawlessly. It reminds me of an old Michael Jackson video but molded into the cartoon world of Katy Perry....

I love the magical evil queen persona with her using magic to dispose of her male suitors whose gifts don't live up to her exacting standards. Giant diamonds and pimped out wagons won't do it for this Queen! 

No joy boys, no joy ;)
All, that is, bar Juicy J who makes an appearance in a kind of pole dance scene where all that grabbed my attention was Katy's sneakers....... Fair play to him to venture into her world in that outfit.....

The Makeup & Styling: 
The makeup looks in the video completely captured the Egyptian style but added the typical Katy Perry twist. I've put them here separately so you can appreciate the concepts individually before seeing them in the video:

Look 1 - Sunshine goddess (only she could pull off blue eyeshadow)

Look 2 - Bold, bright Total bombshell Queen! (Hello my Halloween costume this year!)

Look 3 - Bling ting Queen - Opulence all over!
I was particularly surprised at the brunette and gold wigged look as I just never really see her as a brunette so I liked this departure from the normal black hair. 

Look 4 - Ultimate goddess look - yellow wig + wings = AMAZING!!!!

My ultimate favourite look was the silver goddess body paint as I think she looked elegant with a very well placed gold snake! She is naturally very pretty and obviously takes care of herself (gym inspiration here ladies!) so can do this naked painted look with ease....I love the gold high heels touch!

Which look was your fave?

Overall I really loved the visuals of the video (as if you didn't get that already!). The whole video had amazing use of colour tone to highlight the Queens's moods and I thought the use of the background dancers in the animal heads was really well presented and choreographed. Their body movements being separated from any facial expression made them completely uniform, subservient but still entrancing. 

Roll on more Katy Perry music and videos as they are always entertaining and evolving :)

Check it out.....

Speak soon,



*All images taken from official music video via screengrabs on Vevo*


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