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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Introducing Katy Patra!!!!

I have just been very sneaky at work and Google Katy Perry's performance last night at the the BRITs. Needless to say she was amazing!!!! Check it out here

Images from The Daily Mail
Shes so versatile and takes on new concepts with such grace and style. The Egyptian theme has been well overdone but by making it very art pop and neon she has completely transformed the idea of what it is to 'walk like an Egyptian'.... Hello Katy Patra!!!

I did hear some little voices here at work that said she doesn't sing so well live but I don't agree..... I would think it's basically like singing whilst doing a work out with all that dancing so fair play to her it was awesome!!!!

* all Live images take from MTV*

Check out the new single and see what you think......

Can't wait to watch the new video!

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