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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I LOVE Flowers!!!

Hey my lovelies...

Over the past few weeks I've hated Wednesdays, you know being the middle of the week I've felt a bit stuck at work and far from the weekend.....but today I woke up and caught glimpse of my beautiful flowers and instantly my frown was upside down! I don't know why but watching flowers grow and the blooms open is so mesmerizing to me :) especially on these horrible grey mornings!

I thought I'd share some photos in the hopes not only that you'd understand what I was rambling on about but also in an attempt to make you smile (partners take note, flowers are the way to the heart!) I hope you have a good day :)

Photo By Me!

Gym update:  Discovered last night upon opening my gym bag (that I don't think had seen the light of day in about a year) that I actually own quite nice trainers..... who knew ?!? Wish me luck!

Have a lovely day!

Speak soon,



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