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Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to answer that text.....

What am I doing right now? 

I'm asked that question by friends and always stumped by how to answer.... Today I'm writing this sitting in Puro Hair hoping my favourite hairdresser of all time (he saved my hair when I made some terrible mistakes!) can make it work for me now ...... 

But is that interesting to the friend who asked? Are they hoping for some tale of an amazingly colourful escapade that will brighten their day or are they lonely and wanting company? Of course you can't ask in the response that so I've replied with 'nothing much' hoping thy will elaborate to their point but secretly also hoping it's neither so I can actually enjoy a day alone treating myself after a crappy week. Now of course some of you will think nothing receiving that message but don't you have those friends who you are told use you but you still don't cut all ties? Having that dilemma as we speak....

Maybe I've just been sitting here with colour on for too long and the sounds of hair dryers has driven me to insanity....

Do you have these thoughts or is it just me?

Speak soon,


P.s on a lighter note this picture below made me laugh soooooooo much :) passing the laughs along to you! (this literally made me fall off a treadmill!)



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