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Monday, 17 February 2014

5 Reasons to ADORE London Grammar

Hey my lovelies :) 

I hope you're having a good first day of the new week.

Last night I was a very lucky girl to not only get the most amazing flowers but also London Grammar tickets from my special person :) 

Photos By Me!
Here's 5 reasons why you should love them if you've never heard them or if you have and need convincing......

1) The band is a three piece made up of Hannah - Vocalist, Dan and 'Dot' aka Dominic who all meld their musical talents and tastes into London Grammar. You can hear a mix of many influences such as classical, Jazz and rock which makes there sounds so haunting but allows for each track to be unique. Their sound has been sampled and re birthed by Disclosure proving that they cross multiple music genres and can appeal to a lot of audiences the world over. Check out a video....

'Wasting my years'

2) The Facts: Just over a year ago they first posted the track 'Hey Now' online and it's had more than 3m plays. Their debut album, Metal & Dust, which went in at No 2 in the UK charts, has sold in excess of 250,000 copies. This amazing success has built quietly over time through what seems to be sheer talent, hard work and determination - Big respect to them!

3) Hannah is the lead vocalist (the lads chip in at times) and seems no idea how good she is. Her voice on record is amazing but in person and live was almost ethereal and soooooo mesmerizing.... a truly rare talent! + Her hair is just lovely :)

4) Hannah's Hair + the bands look - This is just for those who love hair as I do......
London Grammar Official Promo Shot
5) Most of all they are humble even following such massive success. Through the show they thanked fans for the support and seemed in genuine shock that in less than a year they had made it big. Now I know those cynics out there would think it was all talk but it seemed to me very honest and I really respect down to earth people.

Here's the only pic I took last night.....I generally don't take photos at gigs as I hate watching acts through peoples phones!!!!
Photo By Me!

Here's some other photos from professionals at other dates......
Photos by Leedsstudent, Live@Leeds, Mancunion

Well if these reasons don't do it for you just go and listen to the album and make your own judgement.... Believe me it's worth it!!!!

P.S New Discovery!!

Supporting London Grammar last night were a band called 'Say Lou Lou' who although only played a 15 minute set made an impression on me so I will be seeking them out over the next few days for a listen....... They are an Australian and Swedish mix duo who have what I would call a Dream popish sound... kind of haunting, kind of pop......unusual I know...

Here's a video so you can have a butchers :) 

Let me know what you think of both bands and if you have any recommendations for me :)

Speak Soon,



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