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Monday, 14 February 2011

I love Lingerie ;)

I am going to have check into lingerie rehab because now, being unemployed, I cannot do my usual underwear splurge :(
YES I ADMIT IT I am a lingerie addict !!! I love everything about it from the look, fit to how it makes you feel and the new designers of it. So to keep myself occupied I am going to start this blog again and show you all the amazing things I find and am dying to buy :) It's also going to include all the things I discover along the way as I admittedly do have one of those wandering minds.....

Tomorrow as we all know is that dreaded Valentines day and what a better day to kick off a lingerie blog? Valentines is dreaded for all, even those in long term happy relationship as the fear of the present buying mistake and pushy consumerism kicks in from all angles. Also, if like me you have no store bought gift to offer you will have to resort to those that god gave you (yes honey shake your money maker) and hope that even after a couple of years into a relationship you have something new to offer!!!!

If I were to be doing the Valentines splurge buy I would have gone for the Darlene Range by Agent Provocateur as although it may on the more innocent side of sexy it still gives the opportunity to dazzle ;) see Link and pic below :)

I've always loved the AP ranges (not the price tag especially) for the fit and their variation in designs. They cover all the 'normal' levels of sexual adverturism to the sub-terrainian levels which makes them high on mens Valentines shopping lists. I ADORE the new ranges they have but more importantly how they have chosen to photograph them - the naughty girl polaroids and panelling are genius and their choice of quirky models has always been appealing to me.
As you'll find out as I chatter on that I have a passion for the odd things in life and the people who embody that off beat nature :)

So now you know for that blast of info - I am an addict of seductive things and will shout it proud to the masses :)

I hope you follow my little world of beautiful things to discover my addictions for yourself :)

Much love xxx

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